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FIFA 14 - Patch

11-09-2013 (Sat), 10:00


FIFA 14 - Patch

The third patch for FIFA 14 has rolled out for FIFA players on the PC and continues to target freezing, as well as connection issues.

On the EA forums,community manager Chu states:

Our game data shows that previous updates and maintenance periods have helped immensely to improve stability but we will continue to investigate these reports internally and with our partners. In this update, we have addressed connectivity issues, and instances of freezing and crashing in several game modes.

The patch also contains the following specific fixes:

  • Co-Op Seasons squad changes will be reflected on teammate’s screen
  • Fixed some audio scenarios (we're assuming commentary played incorrectly).
  • New kits on Creation Centre showing as EA Kit 1
  • Corrected instances of kit clashing
  • Virtual Pro numbers defaulting to 9 after a match
  • Skill Games pad arrows now switched to pass receiver when he gets the ball
  • A hang when comparing players after accepting a trade offer
  • One instance of a crash when entering the FIFA Ultimate Team main menu
  • Career Mode lag when subbing players

In addition to that there's a licensing update with Bahia kits and crest being added.

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