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Crafting Redemption Program (Minis)

04-24-2009 (Fri), 18:00

Now that the equipment card rules are posted, some people knew the Crafting Redemption cards wouldn’t be far behind. There are five equipment cards that can be crafted from the Trade Goods found in the Core Set release.

By Ry Schueller

Now that the equipment card rules are posted, some people knew the Crafting Redemption cards wouldn’t be far behind. There are five equipment cards that can be crafted from the Trade Goods found in the Core Set release. These cards are exclusive to the Crafting Redemption program and will never be inserted in booster packs of any World of Warcraft Miniatures product.


For those who are unfamiliar with the way that the Crafting Redemption program works, every booster pack contains one UDE Points card. These cards can be used to save up points for items like tabards and trinkets for your MMO character. In addition, the crafting material printed on these cards can be saved and used to craft equipment cards for your minis characters. You can craft these cards at any Darkmoon Faire event or by mail.


If you missed how equipment cards work, you may want to check out Matt’s article here where he gives the lowdown on the new equipment mechanic before you browse the Crafted cards for the Core Set.



Required Materials:

Primal Mana: 3

Bolt of Imbued Netherweave: 3

Miniaturization Gun: 1

Total: 7



The Bracers of Nimble Thought increase the honor value of one of your cloth casters by only 1 point. For that cost, members of your party become a lot more active. A character wearing these Bracers can remove a tick from itself every time it kills an opposing character. Being able to act sooner after killing an opposing character lets a player put the pressure on his or her opponent more quickly each game.


A three-caster team all geared up with these Bracers is going to be a lot more mobile if they remove ticks from themselves after every successful killing blow. If Daelas Firewing is equipped with this equipment, he won’t be sitting idle as long after dropping the hammer with Pyroblast on some hapless enemy. Morganis Blackvein can Frostbolt more often with these Bracers, even if he is paired up with a Mana Potion.



Required Materials:

Primal Fire: 3

Hardened Adamantite Bar: 3

Miniaturization Gun: 1

Total: 7


Regardless of how good your team is or how skilled you are at the game, there is very little a player can do if the opponent won’t stop rolling crits. The outcome of some games is determined on who hits their crits when. There is a certain level of luck in dice rolls, but hopefully the above Crafted card can help turn this around.


In short, these Red Havoc Boots provide some plate protection for your Paladins, Warriors, and Death Knights against crit attacks. With some of the new crit effects in Spoils of War, it is useful to force your opponents to test their luck and see if they can roll a successful crit a second time.



Required Materials:

Primal Mana: 3

Khorium Bar: 3

Miniaturization Gun: 1

Total: 7



Deep Thunder is the only Crafted weapon to be released this run. In a perfect world, this weapon will add ticks to characters with low armor—or poor luck. Similar to Bracers of Nimble Thought, this equipment card allows opportunities for members of your party to act more often than opposing characters. Every time one of your opponent’s minis whiffs a defense roll against one of your melee damage-dealers holding Deep Thunder, their mini ticks up. With the right matchup, this can occur quite a lot over the course of a game.



Required Materials:

Primal Life: 3

Primal Water: 3

Miniaturization Gun: 1

Total: 7



“It’s all goodie in the hoodie.”


Hood of Primal Life is an equipment card that doesn’t raise the honor value of the character that wears it. It also the decreases the heal miss chance of your party’s healer. With additional Druid and Shaman heals in Spoils of War, like Tranquility and Chain Heal, this Hood should receive some additional consideration with the expansion.



Required Materials:

Primal Air: 3

Heavy Knothide Leather: 3

Miniaturization Gun: 1

Total: 7



Hunter and Shaman have consistently made high-level parties, and these boots should help keep them on top. Being able to crit up to 10% more often isn’t something to be taken lightly. While the Boots of the Crimson Hawk add 2 to the honor of any character wearing them, they will certainly let fan favorites like Haruka Skycaller and Azarak Wolfsblood manipulate their luck a bit and trigger their powerful crit effects more often.


In addition, if a player really wants to raise the value of a team, a Shaman can combo these boots with the Soulseeker weapon previewed by Matt. Legendary Shaman like Warchief Thrall or Lady Vashj can seriously rail the opposition if they are decked out with this equipment setup.


These cards should certainly give players a reason to save their trade goods. While it may take a few boosters to get the right combination of materials, the total needed for each piece of Crafted equipment should be low enough that even a casual player can acquire a few new pieces of equipment to update his or her party. Every material required for these cards can be pulled from boosters of the World of Warcraft Miniatures Core Set.


Players that play both the TCG and the minis game may find something else rewarding about this program: with the exception of the Miniaturization Gun, the rest of the Core Set trade goods cards can be found in a variety of TCG releases. This should make it easier to gather the materials for the Crafted Card you want to craft, or to find another player to trade with for the material you need. 


This program starts at Darkmoon Faire Charlotte, so if you have trade goods, make sure you bring them with you to this event. If you can’t make it to Charlotte, don’t worry—Crafting Redemption for miniatures will be at future Darkmoon Faire events, or these cards can be redeemed by mail following the same process found at

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