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Building For Honor - In Love With the Night (Minis)

04-30-2009 (Thu), 20:00

“The party starts at 6. Be on time.” —Rethilgore (Human Form)

By Corle Huffman

Welcome to the final Building for Honor before Spoils of War. This week we are covering a fascinating character, one criminally underplayed in the tournament scene, and giving him a party worthy of his party animal nature.


First, though, I just want to say that I like the night. There’s something exciting about going out to Sushi Deli about 6 P.M., then maybe seeing a movie. The problem is, my girlfriend likes to head home by 10 P.M. I always want the night to last a little longer, but we can’t always get what we want, huh?


I think you see where this is going. If not, look at those two numbers again.


“The party starts at 6. Be on time.”

—Rethilgore (Human Form)


Rethilgore is a powerful character. With a solid attack of 2 ticks for 4 dice, he isn’t holding back. The crit of damage +1 means Reth pumps out quite a bit of pain for a 5 honor character. Add in that he has a very respectable 2 armor, 2 resist and 8 health, and Reth is looking very sweet indeed.


But that is just the beginning.


Reth shines in the dark. At night, on ticks 6 through 10, Reth gets +1 armor, resist, and attack. Suddenly he has Haruka Skycaller defenses coupled with a 2 for 5 attack, crit +1. The speed of his attack and the damage output is nothing to laugh at. Also, since Reth has +1 movement at night, he’s going to be hunting down the enemy’s most vulnerable character—seriously punishing them.


His utility does not stop there, though. A 2 tick physical attack is great for slaughtering pets, uprooting totems, or finishing off wounded characters.


Even better, Reth is a team player. He spreads that nighttime love to an ally with Lycanthropy, giving them the +1 armor, resist, move, and attack bonus. A Frostsaber Prowler that moves 4 hexes is pretty unstoppable. Ras throwing 6 magic dice for 2 ticks is pretty amazing. What about a Harvest Golem with 5 armor and 2 resist?


All of those options are juicy.


But to work Lycanthropy safely into your team, you need to take two precautions. One, you really don’t want the buffed character to die and lose the buff. Two, you don’t want that character to loss his buff via a Dispel, Purge, or any other means.


Therefore, if you ask me, the safest way to play Lycanthropy consistently is to put it on a character that isn’t usually going to be in the thick of battle. And that means . . .


“Slip into silent slumber, sail on a silver mist. Slowly and surely your sense will cease to resist.”

—Slitherblade “Kaa” Tidehunter


Slitherblade weighs in at an expensive 8 honor. His cost, though, is well worth it. Any Hunter that attacks at 2 tick speed is going to be a monster. He kites extremely well and pulls enemies into highly disadvantageous positions. Slitherblade is even better at pulling enemies than other Hunters. Against teams that desire adjacency, his crit can simply ruin their day.


I would suggest Summoning Fury over Bloodclaw—but only because it puts you on tick 4. You will be on tick 6 after you attack once, which is the perfect time to start your Lycanthropy madness of Slitherblade’s 2 ticks for 5 dice.



—Bog Elemental


The Bog Elemental swings big at 4 for 7. His crit gives the enemy a move -1 counter. While this normally has limited usage, it does quite well in this party. The Bog Elemental will target the enemy character that wants to remain the most mobile—perhaps something that wants to avoid Slitherblade shots, protect adjacent allies from Slitherblade, or even chase down and attack (or debuff!) the Slitherblade. In any case, limiting enemy movement is going to hurt. Either the whole party will be slowed, or the Slitherblade will be that much farther from harm’s way. I’m not saying it is a +2 damage crit, but it does have powerful tactical uses. It certainly helps to keep a double-buffed Lycanthropy / Mark of the Wild Slitherblade safe.


Mark of the Wild—why use one Action Bar slot for a single Hunter’s Mark when you can use Mark of the Wild and permanently gain re-rolls? (Just don’t die!) The Mark is pretty amazing, especially with recharge. On tick 1, the Bog Elemental puts it on Slitherblade. On tick 6, he puts it on Reth. Reth then becomes a terrifying beast attacking 2 for 5 with a reroll or two. That means our Bog Elemental will want to play the part of bait for round 1 as well as have something to do between ticks 3 and 6. Currently, nothing much fills this roll save perhaps Entangling Roots.


That’s A-ok though.


One of the reasons I wanted to feature this army is that the team’s Action Bar slots options are open—that is, they are not what I think of as necessary Action Bar cards. Sure, Lycanthropy, Summon Fury and Mark of the Wild are going to be staples, but the others can be switched out for better options in future sets . . . like the one coming up in a week! This is where equipment shines. They make great side options.


Equipment is expensive in terms of increased honor and losing an Action Bar slot—so you have to make sure you will get significant tactical usage out of any piece of equipment you bring. When testing a party like this—one that has open Action Bar slots—you can afford to throw some equipment in there. If you come up against an enemy that is particularly vulnerable to a piece of equipment, you are right there for the kill. I, for one, am very excited to see what equipment Rethilgore can use.


So polish that brass, sharpen that steel, and count your honor wisely . . . this game is about to take off!

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