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The Epic Fail

12-01-2010 (Wed), 09:00

You created a ingame ticket, some time ago
you do not remember, when it happened, but some time ago

you do not focus an the plate, where you can read, that your ticket is in the queue.
you are waiting ...

one day you log in, the plate looks still the same,
you decide to wait
you enter an instance, many instances on this day

at the end of stratholme you notice that the plate is flashing.

yeah, you think finally.

you click the plate, the chat opens, you can read the makro text from the gm, you reply with "hello"

but all you can read, is that there is no gm availible for you. you hope that the ticket was put back into the waiting queue. suddenly you can read on the plate, that you have been chosen for a gm feedback.

the gm closed the ticket, so the rating testifies an epic fail.

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