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04-24-2010 (Sat), 14:00

Who is Izrador?

Who is Izrador ?

Izrador is an evil god thrown out of the heavens by the other gods as banishment after he lost a war among the  gods.

This god is also known as the “shadow of the north” and as the “dark god”.

About a hundred years ago, Izrador and his fell armies of orcs, goblins, demons and other creatures attacked the lands of man for the third time. The first two attacks were re-pelled at a great cost to the land and people but the combined forces of men, dwarfs, elves and other allies were able to hold off Izrador and his dark magics.

This third time however, Izrador attacked from within and was able to corrupt some of the greatest heroes of the human allied races.


Evil won. No ifs, no ands or buts. Izrador is in complete control.


What are Legates?


Legates of Izrador are his elite group of clerics that have the most freedom and the most responsibility in the order, these Legates of Izrador answer to no one except a higher ranking cleric.

To be a Legate is the most a prestigious role a person can achieve, you will live to be a nice age as long as you do not displease the dark one and as long as you do as asked of you by Izrador.



Where did you get all this from?

The best way to answer this is to send you over to this wiki page, it explains the whole idea much better then i can.

Midnight Wiki Page

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