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Noblegarden Comes to Azeroth

04-24-2009 (Fri), 04:00

The Noblegarden event is returning to Azeroth with some new additions. Players can take part in the druidic festivities spreading ‘round all corners of the map all week beginning Sunday, April 26, and ending Sunday, May 3.

Features include:
  • Noblegarden egg hunt and daily quests located in starting towns such as Goldshire, Razor Hill, Kharanos, and Brill
  • All-new Noblegarden treats and prizes found rarely in eggs
  • Chocolate as a currency! (Or just indulge your sweet tooth)
  • All new achievements found in the World Events tab
Please join in celebrating this annual event like never before. Whether you celebrate Noblegarden in a traditional manner or you have a longing for sweet chocolates and festive garments, we hope you’re able to come together and give yourself a break from competing in cutthroat Arena battles or laying siege to Ulduar.

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