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Blizzard Shop Talk – 3.1 in Review

04-17-2009 (Fri), 04:00

We know players are currently busy sinking their teeth into one of World of Warcraft's biggest content patches yet, Secrets of Ulduar. If you haven’t yet taken a look at all the new information Blizzard has been providing this week, here’s your chance.

Noted For Truth
Come check out the most up-to-date version of the 3.1 content patch notes for a refresher on the many changes and additions made to the game this Tuesday.

Varian Cool
Haven’t seen the trailer video for Secrets of Ulduar? Don’t miss the drama unfold between the major players of the Kirin Tor, Horde, and Alliance. Watch it now!

Expect the Unexpected
With so many changes inevitably come a few unintended issues. Check out what has come to light so far. Read on, or check out the Bug Report forum.

Tender Vittles and Hot Fixins’
A number of hotfixes have been applied since the release of the patch to fine tune the recently-released content. Stay tuned and keep up with fixes here.

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