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Warlock Talent Setup

02-24-2010 (Wed), 15:00

Choosing a good talent setup for your warlock at certain levels.

The Best Talents?

I tried alot to get a good set up while levelling my warlock

and ended up wasting gold, I want to make sure people don't do that

When you hit level 10, go Demonology, It is definetly the best!

The matter may be contested but I found mine successful!

When you reach level 55 you should go switch over to Affliction


Consider this, Most of the useful affliction talents need alot of levels

so better you switch later than early, I myself found Affliction succesful!

When I hit 60 I changed back to Demonology for metamorphosis

Which was VERY useful for tight situations

I know 5 levels is short, but if you didn't have to change

your talents alot it wouldn't cost too much

When you finally reach 80, Or whatever the cap is, Go for Destruction

It is the PVP Superior, some could say Affliction but I go for Destruction!

Yes Affliction is very good with its fearing and such, however:

Destruction will give you much more bang and you can take down enemies faster

So in other words it could be the superior in multiple hostile situations

This is only my opinion, sorry If it seems stubborn :p

And sorry If I Mis-used any words, I tend to not look every

single word I use up in the dictionary XD

Here is a more clear chart on my Talent setups:

Lvl 10: Demonology -> Level 55: Affliction -> Level 60: Demonology -> Level 80: Destruction

Additional Tips: Focus on Fear and health gaining talents with afflicto

destruction you want stuff to stun your enemy and especially things like backlash!

Demonology you will want to focus in talents that increase your overall stats

Thanks for reading, hope it wasn't too short and messy

#1 | 02-24-2010, 16:20

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Thanks for the info.

#2 | 07-25-2010, 11:01

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Nice and Helpful, awesome

#3 | 07-29-2010, 16:18

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Looks good, but my opinion would be:
Level 10: I'd suggest Destruction, as pointed above, will allow you to kill enemies faster and have more damage, which is good at low levels.
When you can geat the felguard from Demonology tree ( lvl 50 I think?), go for it. You will be soloing most of the group quests now. (Yes even Outland and Northrend ones). Metamorphosis also crazy damage stuff, so use it when doing a group quest (in that case, just spam shadow bolts/incinerates when MC procs), or a dungeon (run into a crowd of mobs your group is fighting, Immolation Aura, and channel Hellfire. Warn your healer to heal the "purple demon" beforehand.)
Level 80: As the blog owner suggested, Destruction or Affliction would be the choice for PvP. For PvE, just go along with Demonology (You will give your raid and yourself tons of Spell Power, and with right build you will have high crits as well, my max crit was ~32k). That, or you can switch to Destruction for powerful and fast single-target damage.
Remember to always place a [u]SPELLSTONE[/u] on your weapon, not a Firestone.

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