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The lord of the cats: the return of NYAN

09-30-2011 (Fri), 04:00

NYAN has returned with the secret of the cake(soda): HIMSELF!

 There was a time of shadows of Tac Nayn - the opposite of Nyan Cat, Tac was the CEO of a low-rated brand, wich was pep'sy and nyan was the CEO of a super-rated brand wich was cake. Both used to make soda - cola whatever.
 Tac always wanted to be nyan, but he had to abandon pep'sy, that was so bad even him couldn't drink.
 Nyan was good and colorful, but Nayn was evil and colorless, and they clashed, nyan lost, and vanished.
 The time of shadows had begun - Tac Nayn ruled the world with pep'sy and no one could drink, he put pep'sy into water so people had to drink but pep'sy was black and they managed to see it.
 Then Nyan returned with the secret of the CAKE soda! himself! he talked to YODA in the subverse and he said the formula...Nyan was now stronger and became a jedi of force.
 Tac Nayn clashed with Nyan Cat and there was big boom...
 they was so much fighting they couldn't see Chuck Nourish behind them, very angry: YOU destroyed my house! and they both fainted.
 next day nyan woke up in a colorful, new shiny world, and tac was banished for ever, with deathwing... and everyone knows deathwing will nver escape...OH WAIT!

#1 | 03-16-2012, 05:08

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