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Demtar's story

10-04-2009 (Sun), 14:00

short story of the history of my lvl 70+ warlock

I am a scribe and historian for Thrall and the Horde. I was one of the most expensive and most sought after scribes in the lans of the Alliance before the Lich King used his "gift" upon me and turned me into one of the Scourge. I was able to break free of his control and joined with the Lady Sylvanas and the Forsaken. I have been instructed to tell the story of one of our most promising new arrivals, Demtar the Warlock.

Demtar was once known as Demarcus Tarkesh, a human farmer from the area of Hillsbrad, very near the town of Tarren Mill. Demarcus led a mostly ordinary life with two exceptions. He had an ability to soothe distraught and agitated animals so that they could be moved without injury or have medical procedures done to them. The other ability was an uncanny prediction of the weather with an almost perfect accuracy rating.

Since becoming free from the curse of the Lich King and joining the ranks of the Forsaken, those two abilities were modified and enhanced. The weather ability was changed so that Demtar now has the ability to cast powerful magic spells that gain in strength as Demtar explores more of the new world. He finds trainers that teach him new spells and new ways to cast old spells. His ability with animals changed in such a way so Demtar can now summon powerful demons to do his biding. As with the spells, he finds trainers that teach him how to summon bigger and stronger demons. These demons help Demtar in fighting the creatures and men he comes across in his travels.

The Warlock has traveled very far from his rebirthing place of Deathknell. His first stop was the village of Brill and from there to the home city of the Forsaken, Undercity.
Undercity has the great privilege of having a gnome zeppelin-launching tower in between it and Brill. The zeppelin allows almost instant travel to Orgrimmar, the home of the Orcs and the overall capital of the Horde. Thrall sits on his throne and keeps track of the Alliance troop movements with the help of the Forsaken.
Going to Orgrimmar takes you over the sea to the continent of Kailimdor, away from the Alliance controlled lands of the Eastern Kingdoms.

After exploring the city of Ogrimmar and the lands around it, Demtar traveled to the village of Razor Hill and to the training area known as the Dens. There were many other areas in the rocky landscape of Durotar that Demtar investigated before he moved on to the hot, savannah like area called the Barrens.

Brill and Undercity were lightly forested and Durator was very harsh and rocky. The Barrens was a new experience for Demtar as it was very hot here and had many high mountains around its outer edge. Demtar had grown up around bears and lions always being near the farm and he was used to the large bats and spiders near Undercity, and the scorpions near Orgrimmar were larger than what he was used to but could except them.

The Barrens had strange animals that at first made Demtar think of leaving and going back to Durator but he found the village known as the Crossroads and used that as a base to explore from and a safe place to recover from his wounds. There were lions here but they were bigger and tougher then what he was used to and there were half men/half horse like creatures that Demtar found out were called centaurs. These centaurs had many bases of operation in the Barrens and would attack Demtar whenever he would get to close.

Answering a call from his Queen, Demtar returned to Undercity and was asked to go to the village called the Sepulcher, located in the Silverpine Forest. It was a rather long walk with many battles fighting disfigured wolves and very aggressive bears, but Demtar finally made it. The Sepulcher reminded him more of a cemetery then a village but did as he was asked which was to aid the Royal Apothecary Society in developing a new virus to use on the humans, and others if need be.

This task would take Demtar too many new places on both continents and show him how big the world really was. Along the way, Demtar has fought many strange beats that are not always of this world. Each encounter made him stronger and more powerful, and gave Demtar greater knowledge to face the next challenge.

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whats up with that?

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hm strange story ...

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