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FIFA 14 - Next Gen Interview With Nick Channon
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Next Gen FIFA 14 - "FIFA 14 Is Alive" Trailer
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FIFA 14 - Patch
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GamesCom 2012 - Booth babes
The best reason to wait in line for games at GamesCom in Europe.

The truth within.
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Quote of the day 12.01.2012
-Hey, you healer? ~Well ofc, I am a hunter ...
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Quote of the day 11.01.2012
a shaman meets a rogue in dalaran. then, a ...
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The lord of the cats: the return of NYAN
NYAN has returned with the secret of the cake(soda): HIMSELF!
LFPO8k 1

I need advice
diggsy 0

The Epic Fail
Rastlin 0

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My amatuer movie
Very short video
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The Deceptionist of Hearthglen, Part 1: Lord Flamerend
Somehow the initial Part One doesnt work, so I'm making a copy. Enjoy. Half of the text seems to be automatically coded [b][/b], and I have no clue why.
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The Deceptionist of Hearthglen: Prologue.
This is my story about Talarin Flamerend, The Deceptionist.
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The Deceptionist of Hearthglen. Character Profile.
This is my story about Talarin Flamerend, I will be updating it when I feel like it, but I'll try to do it atleast once or twice (until I run out of imagination) a week. No flaming posts please, and yes, I cant do it without interfering with lore a bit.
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Vanilla WoW vs. WotLK
Vanilla WoW vs. WotLK, which is more enjoyable?
Arialus 11

info on the guild
Who is Izrador?
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What do you do with MP?
What is MP used for?
Colors 4

Warlock Talent Setup
Choosing a good talent setup for your warlock at certain levels.
N E C R O S I S 6 6 6 3

I Kiss an Orc
and i like this :)
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WoW Achievements
Guides to completing the World of Warcraft Achievements!
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11-01-2014, 18:29
Warjunky: Moin Moin! weckt eure müden leiber und lasst euch mal online sehen :D 0

09-04-2014, 22:52
Bassejr: How do I delete my mmocluster acc? 0

08-14-2014, 19:20
Alyria: Ok Wlod kommt am 13.11. 0

08-08-2014, 11:12
Spliz: Hui, ich bin nach langer Zeit mal wieder hier, muss ja immer mal wieder reinschneien :D Ist noch wer von den alten Leutchen da? Mein Gewürz zum Beispiel? 2

07-13-2014, 23:47
Alyria: Herzlichen Glückwunsch der deutschen Mannschaft zum Weltmeistertitel 0

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