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Blood of Gladiators Preview: Foul Magics (TCG)
This deck is based on using Ripped through the Portal to put into play a ridiculously large ally like Azaloth and flipping Marlowe the Felsworn to win the game instantly. 0
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Shield Wall (TCG)
You're all reading this to see what the Warrior of tomorrow can bring to the battlefield, and what that Warrior brings is armor. 0
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Grim Reach (TCG)
Now, if you are anything like me, the first thought that went into you head after seeing Grim Reach was "DOT DECK!" 0
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Tidal Mastery (TCG)
So now that we all know where this card came from, let's take a look at what it does. One of the things that the Totem deck currently seems to lack is a quality finisher that fits with the rest of the deck. In a month, all those Totems will be turning into their own little super-Myriams. 0
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Focused Will (TCG)
For 7 resources, though, you want an effect that can get you the win right away. Or at the very least, at the beginning of your next turn. Focused Will just might be the card for you. 0
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Divine Favor (TCG)
Divine Favor is a skill in the online game that helps paladin healers flex their mana and make good use of the resources available to them. I am personally a big fan of healing myself until my opponent dies (or I choose to bubble and hearth). 0
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Inspiring Presence (TCG)
Drums of War introduced us to racial keywords like berserking, shadowmeld, and war stomp. Blood of Gladiators continues this trend with another racial keyword: inspiring presence. It is the Draenei’s turn to make an impact on both Limited and Constructed with their new power. 0
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Into the Arena - WoW TCG
What do Arena allies do? Well, we knew they should work well as a team and get each other’s backs. This led Blood of Gladiators designer Mike Girard to come up with what you see here. Check it out. 0
Darkmoon Faire San Francisco - WoW Minis
A little write up by Patrick Sullivan about why you HAVE to be at DF San Fran! 0
Checking in with Jim Fleckenstein - WoW TCG
New feature at, where twice a month, they'll interview the game’s top players. Naturally, they’re kicking things off with 2008 World Champion Jim Fleckenstein. Check it out! 0
Fan Article and Tournament Report Winner!
If you, too, want some free Minis booster packs (who doesn’t?), click here to read the announcement. 0
Battlegrounds - Season 2 Prizes!
Hey everyone! As some of you might already know Upper Deck is previewing set 2 characters and cards every month until the release of the second World of Warcraft Miniatures set, Spoils of War. 0
Playing Good Cards - WoW TCG
A little write up by Phil Cape on the Tools of the Trade... Playing Good Cards. Check it out. 0
Casual to Competitive (Demons) - WoW TCG
Ben Isgur writes a nice article that is literally - demonic. Check it out! 0
WoW Darkmoon Faire in Milton Keynes - WoW TCG
At the start of the weekend’s gaming, a young Dutch man approached the coverage team sporting a brow of worry over his Sealed Deck pool. See what he had to say. 0
Zhang attending Darkmoon Faire San Francisco - WoW TCG
Artist James Zhang will be attending Darkmoon Faire San Francisco on Saturday from 11am-4pm and Sunday from 10am-2pm. 0
Spectral Safari Events - WoW Minis
On March 14th, World of Warcraft Miniatures fans can join the hunt of a lifetime at Spectral Safari events taking place around the world. Important details inside! 0
Building for Honor - WoW Minis
Here is an article written on the official upper deck website about building a defensive minis team. Read more... 0

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