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Spoils of War Preview: Equipment (Minis)
If you’ve been wondering what the “spoils” are referring to in the name of this expansion, look no further. The spoils of war are mighty swords, giant maces, shields, necklaces, rings, trinkets, and more to augment your favorite characters and killer strategies. 0
The Gladiators - Boomkin (TCG)
Boomkin is one of the most, if not the most, ability-focused decks in the history of the World of Warcraft TCG. The premise of the deck is simple. Moonkin Form powers up the rest of your abilities while Dreamstate helps keep the hand full. 0
Ambushed! - Psychic Scream (Minis)
Ok, hopefully you’re not too down on Psychic Scream now that I’m done singing the praises of Fear, because after some testing with this card, I strongly suspect that Psychic Scream may presently be the most underplayed Action Bar card in Constructed World of Warcraft Minis play. 0
Business Casual - Flawless Advance (TCG)
The card is annoying enough when it is making 1 / 1 tokens, but when it's making 5 / 5s it's, um . . . annoyinger. 0
Building For Honor - Target: Charlotte (MINI)
It is critical to notice that when scoring VPs, you are either going to score 0 or 3—nothing in between. Therefore, when building armies you will probably want to look at numeric combinations that factor only kills and 3-point increments. 0
Casual to Competitive - Tokens, Tokens, Tokens! (TCG)
The idea behind the deck is simple: make some trees, turn the trees sideways, win the game. 0
Live Coverage of Darkmoon Faire Koln! (TCG/Mini)
Check out all the action at the latest Darkmoon Faire! 0
Pro-tip: Spectral Safari (Mini)
TIP: The subtle advantages of lower honor: Having less honor than your opponent immediately puts you in a position of power. On a map like Ashenvale-Forest Song with 2 VP spots, you can camp out at one and force your opponent to come to you. 0
Business Casual: Petting Zoo (TCG)
If you love Hunter, you don't just love the bows. You also love the cute furry animals—in a platonic and completely non-disturbing sort of way. Pets are one of the things that set Hunter off from other classes. 0
Tools of the Trade - Blue Bloods (TCG)
I’ve had several games swung by a turn 7 end of turn Gift of the Wild, turn 8 double Force of Nature. Yeah, they lost that one. 0
Building For Honor - The Answer (Minis)
We loved how Morganis’s crit effect readied a card. And, when only bringing Action Bar cards per Hunter, that left five open slots (in the beginning) for Mage cards. If the enemy was weak against any Mage card, we could, conceivably, use it over and over again. 0
Business Casual - Classless (TCG)
So next time you play, bring this deck. Also bring a box that contains all 150 heroes that UDE has printed up through Drums of War. Take the four Demon heroes with deckbuilding rules out and rip them up. Then offer the box to your opponent and tell him to pick his poison. 0
Crafting Redemption Program: Cloak of Darkness (TCG)
In the World of Warcraft MMO, only an experienced Leatherworker who has gained favor with The Violet Eye by combating the terrors found inside Karazhan could create this item. For the TCG version, all you have to do is gather the correct materials found in boosters of Blood of Gladiators or other World of Warcraft TCG releases to make this Cloak of Darkness. 0
Business Casual - Silas Darkmoon
Silas loves a well-attended Darkmoon Faire. No matter what manner of being shows up at the gates, they're more than welcome to come in and stay a while. Night Elves aren't the liveliest bunch, but they stick around, and a few Draenei can always liven things up. 0
DMF San Francisco Tournament Report - Part 1 (TCG)
I could be wrong; although I was able to beat Jonas consistently in my testing, I felt like I was probably getting a testing bias because I was just beating everything. When I switched sides in some matchups, things evened out. 0
From Casual to Competitive - Kassie Go Pew Pew (TCG)
Unlike the Morn Salts-the-Land/Morn Walks-the-Path decks previously featured in From Casual to Competitive, this deck is very aggressive. It aims to play allies and turn them sideways at the opposing hero, racking up the damage as quickly as possible and finishing up with some rather large-for-their cost allies like Joja’bee. 0
The Gladiators - Mythen of the Fang (TCG)
On the surface, using Tonks’s power seems like a bad play much of the time. You lose a card, while your opponent doesn't lose anything from the board. It's card disadvantage, and we all know that in a TCG, card advantage is all-important. Sometimes, though, we have to look a little deeper than card advantage to find the right play. 0
Spectral Safari: The Hunt Is On (Minis)
Don’t miss Upper Deck's "Spectral Safari," a global, one-day World of Warcraft Miniatures Game tournament at select hobby stores on March 14 and 15, 2009. 0
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Pally Power (TCG)
I assume there will be three more classes in Blood of Gladiators, and I have only seen one, which you've probably scrolled down to peek at already. As you can see, it costs 9 but has 8 DEF. It has some ridiculous powers. And it is, in fact, awesome. 0
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Split Decision (TCG)
While I don’t know if they plan to continue making dual class cards beyond the initial 36 pairings, I think doing so would be a great thing for the game as a whole. It makes Booster Draft just a bit harder and puts more playable abilities into circulation in Sealed Pack. If all the new dual class cards are this good then I for one welcome our new dual class overlords. 0

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