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Arthas Invades NY Times Best Seller List
Arthas: Rise of the Lich King , the new Warcraft novel by Christie Golden, has made the New York Times Hardcover Fiction best seller list, debuting at #16. 2
StarCraft II Beta Test Opt-in
The StarCraft II beta-test period is coming in the months ahead! If you'd like a chance to participate, now's the time to let Blizzard know. 0
World of Warcraft Minis: Spoils of War In Stores Now (Minis)
Spoils of War, the follow-up set to the hit World of Warcraft Miniatures Game, is now is stores nationwide, and features 51 new figures to collect and battle, never-before-seen equipment cards to intensify gameplay, and new epics to chase like Cairne Bloodhoof! 0
Caverns of Time - Our History Thusfar (Minis)
I’ll be your Bronze Dragonflight for today. You can hop on my back like Atreyu in the Neverending Story. We’ll fly all the way back to 2006 and move forward as we visit some of the biggest landmarks in the World of Warcraft TCG and Minis games. 0
Business Casual - Resto Druid (TCG)
Going restoration here gives you access to the best casual combo of 2008: Gift of Nature and Lady Kath. This deck gets to keep allies on the board better than most decks, so that combo will actually keep your allies alive while letting you utterly wreck your opponent's board with your dudes. 0
Tools of the Trade - Shadowy Fiends (TCG)
Let’s start with the deck I am considering. Right now I want to practice with something a little off the radar. It’s a blast from the past, and I’m sure some of you share my weakness for this particular hero. He was one of the original kings of beatdown, and he stayed competitive long after most had dismissed him. 0
Building For Honor - In Love With the Night (Minis)
“The party starts at 6. Be on time.” —Rethilgore (Human Form) 0
Pro Tip - Evaluating New Minis (Minis)
TIP: See which older pieces improved. 0
One Card at a Time - Ritual of Summoning (TCG)
Blood of Gladiators added a new option to the mix that is just on the verge of tournament viability, and we might see a resurgence in this deck as a result. That card is Ritual of Summoning. 0
The Gladiators - Realm Gauntlet (TCG)
Choosing your gauntlet wisely is the first step on the path to the Realm Championship. With that said, here are the five decks I consider the most important in your gauntlet over the next month. 0
Crafting Redemption Program (Minis)
Now that the equipment card rules are posted, some people knew the Crafting Redemption cards wouldn’t be far behind. There are five equipment cards that can be crafted from the Trade Goods found in the Core Set release. 0
Tools of the Trade - Gwon Strongbark (TCG)
Game 3, I am on the play and two Mikael plus two Starshot, combined with a Nature’s Reach and a Circle of Blood, allow me to assume the aggressive role. I finish him with a big flip turn dealing 15 damage. 0
Casual to Competitive - Deadliness (TCG)
Either option is bad for Varanis. One feeds us cards and possible interrupt effects; the other lets us speed our resource count ahead of his, making his interrupts less powerful. 0
Pro Tip - Playtesting for Charlotte (Minis)
Tip: Don’t stop experimenting. One of the great things about World of Warcraft Minis is that different pieces work well on different maps. The same parties that performed well at DMF San Francisco won’t necessarily perform as well on this map, and players will be adjusting from the Koln results. 0
Spoils of War Preview: Channeling Your Anger (Minis)
Channel is a new keyword debuting in Spoils of War. It tags some abilities to let you know that you’re not done casting them until you or an enemy says otherwise. 0
The Gladiators - Plague Demonsoul (TCG)
What makes this deck so good against other control decks? The biggest thing is the ability to tear apart an opponent's hand while keeping its own hand full in the process. Eye of Kilrogg and Drain Will get things started early. 0
Ambushed! - Dark Portal (Minis)
Beyond just allowing you to spawn closer to the fight, Dark Portal can allow you to spawn where you are needed. As the game progresses and you put down more Dark Portals, your opponent is forced to either waste time dealing with them or allow you unfettered, instantaneous access to wherever on the board you need to be. 0
Building For Honor - The Answer Part 2 (Minis)
This brings me, for a moment, to talk about the choice of Morganis. I’m sure you’ve picked up that I felt the metagame revolved around Warlocks; why then, would I want a Mage in my party? Morganis helped protect the Hunters via his Counterspell, but also via his being. I would call my two pets and rush Morganis forward. (If I could have given him a bulls-eye to wear, I would have.) 0
Tools of the Trade - Holy Hero (TCG)
The original reason for the update was the presence of Tankatronic Goggles. I, as well every other World of Warcraft TCG player, was blown away by the sheer number of powers UDE managed to pack onto a 2-cost armor. 0
Spoils of War Sneak Preview at Darkmoon Faire Charlotte!
To the victor, go the Spoils…of War. At the upcoming Darkmoon Faire in Charlotte, players participating in the Sealed Qualifier on Saturday will be cracking Spoils of War boosters to build their parties. 0

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