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Building For Honor - The Answer (Minis)
We loved how Morganis’s crit effect readied a card. And, when only bringing Action Bar cards per Hunter, that left five open slots (in the beginning) for Mage cards. If the enemy was weak against any Mage card, we could, conceivably, use it over and over again. 0
Business Casual - Classless (TCG)
So next time you play, bring this deck. Also bring a box that contains all 150 heroes that UDE has printed up through Drums of War. Take the four Demon heroes with deckbuilding rules out and rip them up. Then offer the box to your opponent and tell him to pick his poison. 0
Crafting Redemption Program: Cloak of Darkness (TCG)
In the World of Warcraft MMO, only an experienced Leatherworker who has gained favor with The Violet Eye by combating the terrors found inside Karazhan could create this item. For the TCG version, all you have to do is gather the correct materials found in boosters of Blood of Gladiators or other World of Warcraft TCG releases to make this Cloak of Darkness. 0
Warden of Eternity
A wonderful untold story exclusively on MMOCluster! 0
Onyxia-Guide: The right way to die!
We agree - this guide seems to be very old. But it's one of the funniest out there! Check it out to remember the good old level 60 times! 2


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11-01-2014, 18:29
Warjunky: Moin Moin! weckt eure müden leiber und lasst euch mal online sehen :D 0

09-04-2014, 22:52
Bassejr: How do I delete my mmocluster acc? 0

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Spliz: Hui, ich bin nach langer Zeit mal wieder hier, muss ja immer mal wieder reinschneien :D Ist noch wer von den alten Leutchen da? Mein Gewürz zum Beispiel? 2

07-13-2014, 23:47
Alyria: Herzlichen Glückwunsch der deutschen Mannschaft zum Weltmeistertitel 0

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