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Arena Shoutcasting Contest Now Live!
If you consider yourself a pro World of Warcraft player, love watching eSports, or have always wanted your chance to provide play-by-play commentary for Arena matches, here's your chance. 0
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Grim Reach (TCG)
Now, if you are anything like me, the first thought that went into you head after seeing Grim Reach was "DOT DECK!" 0
Video Ulduar
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Tidal Mastery (TCG)
So now that we all know where this card came from, let's take a look at what it does. One of the things that the Totem deck currently seems to lack is a quality finisher that fits with the rest of the deck. In a month, all those Totems will be turning into their own little super-Myriams. 0
cool wed site?
Is this the best web site? 0
10 Rules For Dating My Daughter
Wow patch 3.1 (French)
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Focused Will (TCG)
For 7 resources, though, you want an effect that can get you the win right away. Or at the very least, at the beginning of your next turn. Focused Will just might be the card for you. 0
The terror of 3.1?....maybe not.
Is the 10% nerf as worrying as it first seems? 4
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Divine Favor (TCG)
Divine Favor is a skill in the online game that helps paladin healers flex their mana and make good use of the resources available to them. I am personally a big fan of healing myself until my opponent dies (or I choose to bubble and hearth). 0
New Video Teaser - Ulduar
Blizzard has just released a video teaser for Ulduar, the new raid dungeon being introduced in the upcoming content patch for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. 0
Blizzard Shop Talk – Ulduar
You may have already gotten a little taste of things to come in the Ulduar Sneak Peek. Now is your chance to take part in the exciting discussions surrounding World of Warcraft’s next major raid dungeon. 0
The Arena Tournament has Begun
The 2009 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament has now officially begun. 0
Blizzard Theme Park Art Contest
What would you do if you could design the Blizzard Entertainment theme park of your dreams? Well now here is your chance!! 0
Echoes of War Now Available
The Eminence Symphony Orchestra has just released Echoes of War: The Music of Blizzard Entertainment. 0
Blood of Gladiators Preview: Inspiring Presence (TCG)
Drums of War introduced us to racial keywords like berserking, shadowmeld, and war stomp. Blood of Gladiators continues this trend with another racial keyword: inspiring presence. It is the Draenei’s turn to make an impact on both Limited and Constructed with their new power. 0
just moved in 5
Sneak Peek: Ulduar
As the next step in tiered raid progression in Wrath of the Lich King, Ulduar is set to let players enjoy gorgeous setpieces, sprawling battlefields, and innovative boss encounters. 0
New Lich King Steins coming!
The next stein in the popular World of Warcraft Epic Collection Series, Rise of the Lich King, is scheduled to be released this April. 0

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