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Security Awareness Notice: Spoof Emails
Blizzard has recently seen an increase in the number of "spoof" emails players are receiving that are attempting to steal account information. 0
Achievement Tips Page
Looking for tips on becoming Ambassador of the Alliance? Want to earn the title of City Defender? The Achievement Tips page is for you! 0
Business Casual - Flawless Advance (TCG)
The card is annoying enough when it is making 1 / 1 tokens, but when it's making 5 / 5s it's, um . . . annoyinger. 0
Building For Honor - Target: Charlotte (MINI)
It is critical to notice that when scoring VPs, you are either going to score 0 or 3—nothing in between. Therefore, when building armies you will probably want to look at numeric combinations that factor only kills and 3-point increments. 0
Arthas: Rise of the Lich King Quiz Contest
The novel Arthas: Rise of the Lich King will debut on store bookshelves on April 21, but you can get a sneak peek today by participating in Blizzard's Arthas Novel Quiz Contest. Simply read an excerpt from chapter six of the book and answer three questions based on what you've read. 0
Casual to Competitive - Tokens, Tokens, Tokens! (TCG)
The idea behind the deck is simple: make some trees, turn the trees sideways, win the game. 0
Live Coverage of Darkmoon Faire Koln! (TCG/Mini)
Check out all the action at the latest Darkmoon Faire! 0
Pro-tip: Spectral Safari (Mini)
TIP: The subtle advantages of lower honor: Having less honor than your opponent immediately puts you in a position of power. On a map like Ashenvale-Forest Song with 2 VP spots, you can camp out at one and force your opponent to come to you. 0
2009 Arena Tournament Phase 3 Ending
Phase 3 of the 2009 Arena Tournament will be ending next Monday, April 6, at 9:00 p.m. PDT. 0
April Fools!
We hope you enjoyed Blizzard's April Fools' Day events. 0
Business Casual: Petting Zoo (TCG)
If you love Hunter, you don't just love the bows. You also love the cute furry animals—in a platonic and completely non-disturbing sort of way. Pets are one of the things that set Hunter off from other classes. 0
New Fan Art
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with 8 new artwork of night elves from World of Warcraft. 0
WoW Guide Update: New Dungeons
Blizzard has updated the World of Warcraft Guide with one more dungeon and three raids introduced in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. 0
Security Awareness Notice: Spoof Emails
Blizzard has recently seen an increase in the number of “spoof” emails players are receiving that are attempting to steal account information. 0
World of Warcraft Dance Battle System Revealed
Just when you thought Blizzard couldn't out do themselves. Blizzard just released an in-depth preview of a brand-new feature coming soon to World of Warcraft: the PvP Dance Battle system! OH SNAP!! 0
Tools of the Trade - Blue Bloods (TCG)
I’ve had several games swung by a turn 7 end of turn Gift of the Wild, turn 8 double Force of Nature. Yeah, they lost that one. 0 Mobile Authenticator Now Available Mobile Authenticator Now Available on Apple App Store. 0
Introducing the New Account
Blizzard is pleased to introduce the account -- a brand-new way for players to manage their Blizzard Entertainment games, make online Blizzard store purchases, log in to World of Warcraft, and more using just one set of login information. 0
2009 Arena Tournament Phase 3 Reminder
Phase 3 of the 2009 Arena Tournament is starting next Tuesday and this will be your last chance to register. 0
Building For Honor - The Answer (Minis)
We loved how Morganis’s crit effect readied a card. And, when only bringing Action Bar cards per Hunter, that left five open slots (in the beginning) for Mage cards. If the enemy was weak against any Mage card, we could, conceivably, use it over and over again. 0

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