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Character Hopebringer

Nathrezim, Horde, Orc, Warrior,

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Gamer Hopebringer

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That's me
Philosophy of life:
Live and let live.

How I see myself:
Welcome to a world of paralyzing self-doubt and insecurity.

Personal statement:
If there's something else you need, I'll be up in my room, reading comics and listening to weirdo-music.

Comics, Music, Skateboarding, Games, Baskteball, Work-Out, Reading

Deathcore, Indie-Rock, some Rap

28 Days Later, Opertaion: Kingdom, Crazy Heart, Lucky#Slevin, Rock'n'Rolla

Now playing: StarCraft II, Resident Evil 5, Battlefield Bad Company II, Guild Wars | Best of: World of Warcraft Classic, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater II, Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine, The Lord Of The Rings Online

Aim in life:
To become happy, whatever way leads there.

Worst experience:
I'd say I've been gifted with a very \"bad-experience-fee\" life until now. Yet, I'll never forget that day I failed my A-Levels.

Celebrities that should invite me to dinner:
That'd be Hayley Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal

If I were an animal, I would be:
Hopefully a sparrow

I'm not leaving my house without:
My cellphone, headphones, keys and wallet

That's a No-Go:
Political extremes and Ignorance

Coke's secret ingredient:
You remember their ad with those fluffy little things that were siniging? I bet they use them.

Dream Job:
Game Programmer

My real job:
I'm studying Mediainformaticts to become what I wrote above.

The book I'm reading now:
The Fate Of The Dwaves

People who shouldn't exist:
I'm not noting anyone here. Everyone has a meaning to someone.

Organizations I support:
PETA, PETA2 and... that's it.

Greatest changes:
Sorry, what do you mean?

Relationship status:

I can't live without:

How the world will end:
The world probably won't end, only humanity will. In a Zombie-Apocalypse. Hopefully.

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Character's history

 Well... my char is a hunter.
He's inactive since a dicklong of time since I stopped playing WoW after TBC was released.
He's 67 or something.

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11-01-2014, 18:29
Warjunky: Moin Moin! weckt eure müden leiber und lasst euch mal online sehen :D 0

09-04-2014, 22:52
Bassejr: How do I delete my mmocluster acc? 0

08-14-2014, 19:20
Alyria: Ok Wlod kommt am 13.11. 0

08-08-2014, 11:12
Spliz: Hui, ich bin nach langer Zeit mal wieder hier, muss ja immer mal wieder reinschneien :D Ist noch wer von den alten Leutchen da? Mein Gewürz zum Beispiel? 2

07-13-2014, 23:47
Alyria: Herzlichen Glückwunsch der deutschen Mannschaft zum Weltmeistertitel 0

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