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The Deceptionist of Hearthglen: Prologue.

07-29-2010 (Thu), 15:00

This is my story about Talarin Flamerend, The Deceptionist.

Part I - Childhood.
Talarin Flamerend was born into the noble Flamerend Family, which, while not very rich, sustained their pride and traditions. The young boy didnt really care about all that though, usually hanging around aimlessly. His father, though, wanted his son to grow up into a great commander, so when the boy reached an age of 14, he tried to lock the teen Flamerend up in a prison cell full of traps and told him that until he can get out of it, he won't be getting any food. Talarin's reaction was quite... sudden. He said "Yeah dad, all right, I'll tell Mother you are training.". The boy then sprinted off to the exit and used the switch which activated the traps. "Good luck." Said young Flamerend, and exited the prison, closing the door behind himself. Soon, he took as much books about tactics as he could from the library, some food for himself, and calmly strolled from the house, proclaiming he is going to play an adventure game. As you could have guessed, he never returned, and his father's body was found in the prison with an poisoned arrow in his chest - one of the traps, apparently.

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