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The Deceptionist of Hearthglen. Character Profile.

07-29-2010 (Thu), 15:00

This is my story about Talarin Flamerend, I will be updating it when I feel like it, but I'll try to do it atleast once or twice (until I run out of imagination) a week. No flaming posts please, and yes, I cant do it without interfering with lore a bit.

Character Full Name: Talarin Flamerend

Character In-Game Name: Talarin Flamerend

Title(s): Talarin Flamerend "The Deceptionist", Talarin Flamerend "(True) Lord of Hearthglen", Talarin Flamerend "The Immortal".

Nickname(s): Tala; Talarin; Flamey; Lord; False Lord.

Association(s): When he was alive, he was a captain of the human race. His mind had great potential, but somehow he only could think plans which would favor himself and his own, at the time little, plans, and not the Alliance. In death, he is associated with the Horde's Forsaken, but "leaves" them shortly because he doesn't want to be surrouned by rotten corpses in a rotten city, and a revenge-crazed undead-elf chick-with-a-bow (No offence ^^) as his commander. Also, almost all races heard about him as the "Deceptionist", his distinguishing mark being that of two masks on his cape - first had a smiling expression, but the other did not. He also tends to wear a mask whenever he works.

Race: Was Human, now Undead.
Class: Battle Warlock (similiar to a Battle Mage, fights in cloth/leather/mail/plate armor, but uses warlock skills instead of mage skills. Knows how to use all kinds of weapons except wands... Yes, wands.)
Age: around 25, at the age of 25 became Undead and thus stopped aging.
Sex: Male
Hair: Raven-black color, which is pretty rare. It's clean, Talarin likes to look cool when he makes an appearance.
Eyes: Much unusually, the color of Blood. Usually his eyes are filled with boredom or thought.
Weight: around 35-40 kg I think... Undeads cant weight much now, can they?
Height: 6.2 feet

Usual Garments/Armor: Talarin doesn't have a sense of what he wants to wear. For battle, he wears whatever would be the best asset for him, not the best looks. For public events, though, he picks out a tuxedo or some elite set of armor to wear, because an event is an event. He still has his pride and image as a "Lord".

Alignment: Something between True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral. He switches sides quite often, but in the end he just like what he calls "The Game". Will rarely do an act which will disrupt his plan even a little bit.

Personality: Talarin is neutral towards all races, be it humans, orcs, Scourge, Dragons, gnolls, whatever. In each of his plan, certain people are enemies, and certain people are allies. But he doens't have any preferences when talking about races. Just the people. Likes to look cool during a public or private event of some kind (a ball, etc.). His conversation style is flexible, and changes as he sees due. The only traditions he keeps are his family's, and when it's necessary for the plan, other races' traditions.

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