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The Deceptionist of Hearthglen, Part 1: Lord Flamerend

07-29-2010 (Thu), 16:00

Somehow the initial Part One doesnt work, so I'm making a copy. Enjoy. Half of the text seems to be automatically coded [b][/b], and I have no clue why.

Talarin was sitting on his bed, tossing up the so-called "Orb of Deception", and catching it. He heard a knocking sound and a human voice:
Forgive me for my sudden intrusion, Lord Flamerend, but may I enter?
The undead pondered for a second
Sudden? Not exactly, because I heard you coming, Arden. You may enter.
The wooden door opened and Captain Arden came in. Upon seeing the undead, he closed the door behind himself and sighed.
-Lord Flamerend, I do not think it is appropriate for you to take off your illusion just like that, because-...
He stopped as Talarin glared at him, clearly annoyed by the statement.
-Because I am an undead, right? Because I am an atrocity which you human mortals despise and fear, and yet-! And yet the said atrocity has been secretly helping this fortress all the while.
Arden already opened his mouth to answer, but the undead stopped him with a swift sign.
-Do not bother, Captain. I understand. Well, maybe not exactly understand, but I am certainly sure I do not care. Now, let's get to business.
Captain Arden sighed. He was the Captain Guard of the human fortress of Hearthglen, yet... Yet he was here, talking with this undead, whom he despised at first, and came to respect and look up to later on, for he wished only good to his kind.
-Roger, Lord Flamerend! We have bad news: in short, Tirion Fordring engaged some orc, fought him, and lost. He then recovered, met with the orc again, and after that meeting...
Arden's face displayed a mix of anger and sorrow
-... He started spouting some nonsense about some of them being intelligent and honorable, that those damn monsters have pride! Can you-
Yet again, Talarin stopped him with a sign and sighed.
-Captain, leave your own impressions out of the report. Thank you.
The Human nodded and continued with his report, calming down in process
-Commander Lord Dathrohan heard about that event from Lord Fordring's "pupil", Barthilas. He ordered Tirion to lead them to where he met the orc, and my Lord had no choice... But when that orc... I think Eitrigg was his name, was captured and put in a cage, Lord Fordring enraged and attempted to free him. He failed at doing so and was taken into custody.
Arden stopped and tried to catch his breath. At the time, Talarin thought it all over.
Hmm... So that's how it is... Maybe the Orcs still have hope for them... But I will not make hasty decisions based upon this amount of information. I will have to investigate this matter further by myself.
He thought, while the Guard Captain continued on with the story
-Lord Fordring has stood his ground inside the Hall of Justice, before the Court. And he was found guilty of betrayal...
A single tear ran down the human's cheeck, but he took control of himself quickly.
-And he was stripped of his title, badges, lands... Everything! Even the Light has left him. He left his wife and son to me and left on his horse, Mirador, to somewhere... And I do not yet know where.
Talarin nodded and stood up, taking a certain scroll from the table.
-Judging by his last actions, Captain, he left to intercept said Eitrigg's execution. Go there, Arden, and by no means try to stop him. To assist him or not - that is your choice. But do not stop him, no matter what! Now go, Captain. I am going to another place while you are at it.
-Roger, sir!
Arden saluted and walked out of the room. Talarin Flamerend smirked and tapped into the Orb of Deception's powers. In a few moments, the undead took on an illusion of an orc. He flipped a torch on the wall, opening a secret passage, and dissapeared inside of it. It apparently led to the outside of the fortress. There, a light-armored orc, certainly a messenger, was awaiting him. Talarin gave him the scroll he was holding and looked right into his eyes.
-Run as fast as the wind itself and deliver this to your... Warchief. Today...
Lord Flamerend looked up, at the beautiful orange dawn.
-... This dawn shall become the color of Blood, for plenty of it will be spilled. Today, you will fight. And today, I believe that you may open the eyes of the certain person... That your race is still not lost. Now go. Go!
The messenger nodded and took off. One second, two seconds, and he was gone from sight. Talarin sighed.
Am I getting too old for this? ... Heh. No, certainly not. I guess I wont do anything for now... After all, my real targets haven't shown themselves yet.
With that thought, he walked back into the opening in the wall, which closed behind him, and went back into his room. The illusion wore off and Talarin sat on his bed.
-Now, let's wait and see how this turns out... Alright, Mr. Bigglesworth?
The white-and-black cat meowed and jumped off the wardrobe. A frosty glow emanated from the cat's eyes... Like it was someone else's eyes... Talarin just smirked.
-Now, now... I am sure everything will go as planned...
He took a pause...

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hope you finish this off

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