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Vanilla WoW vs. WotLK

04-27-2010 (Tue), 04:00

Vanilla WoW vs. WotLK, which is more enjoyable?

 Hey all,

There has been a lot of debate as to whether Vanilla WoW is loved more, or if WotLK is better. In my opinion, I enjoy both fairly well. The armor of the old WoW is definitely one of my favourite points, and the instances were really interesting. Some of the instances in WotLK, in fact most, are fairly dark, and repetitive. Then again, most of the game is. Vanilla started it all off, and was unique. I have to disagree with the 40-man raids though; that's just far too much work. At least fifteen people will be on follow and/or AFK, which makes the huge amount pointless.

Wrath of the Lich King is an interesting story, and we can finally kill the Lich King, which has been wanted for so long. The sad thing is, which most have realized, is that Frostmourne does not drop. There would be no point to this; Frostmourne torments and possesses the wielder, therefore as soon as your character equipped it, you would not be able to control their actions anymore. An interesting thought? Perhaps so.

Anyway, me blabbering on, I like all variations of this game, but I don't want the land of Azeroth to be destroyed by Deathwing; it is so green, so bright, unlike the rest of the game. At least some places will be more forested than before, and that you will finally be able to access Gilneas, which will be pretty cool. Anyone up for Worgens? :3

Alrighty, lemme finish of this blog post. Well, let me know which you like more, because yes, I'm actually interested in your opinion. :P

FUN FACT: Worgens were used for slaves in Shadowfang Keep. Spell Worgen backwards and sound it out. Hidden racism.

#1 | 04-28-2010, 02:48

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the last line was a big OMG shes right!!!
i plan on making both of the new races just to see how the play out, not sure what class i will make for each but i know im making one for each faction.

now on to the topic of this...
i myself prefer Wrath as i was a late player, only been playing for the past 2.5 yrs, so i came in about a yr or so after the launch of BC expansion.
i like the old lands, just wish I was able to experience some of the evens that will never happen again, I barely saw the 40 man raids, was never able to join in any of them as they were too high in lvl for me, but I hear lots about them an a lot of complaints on getting 40 people to join up. Being an lvl 80 death knight an doing the low lvl quests was both fun an kin of out of place at the same time. I still have not gone very far into the black rock mountains instances.


The story of Wrath an all the lore is what prompted me to go buy the book Arthas, lots of spoilers in there for some but its a great book if you ask me.

#2 | 04-30-2010, 04:24

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 If you want to go to Blackrock Mountains, make sure you're on WoW for Brewfest.
#3 | 05-05-2010, 04:38

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 Please, if you can read English, or can bother to respond, please do. I'd like to see this a little more populated... And please, in English. I can't understand German.
#4 | 05-05-2010, 20:00

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I enjoyed Vanilla very much.  Of course, I didn't raid all that much.  I just enjoyed the PvP.

BC was not my flavor.  The space-age look to armor, and the wierd other-worldly environments seemed to detract from the Warcraft world.

WotLK is better, but I agree, it is a bit dark.  I don't mind that terribly though.  But what I dislike about both BC and WotLK is the sanctuary city.  Not only is it a huge lagfest, but I dislike the concept of mixing in Alliance with Horde in one city.

I also enjoyed the days when hybrids were hybrids and not I-can-respec-to-amy-role mode.  But again, I didn't have to fight for raid spots.

I kind of like that people will be returning to the mainland in Cataclysm, if for nothing more than to explore the ruination.  But I will miss the environments I spent so much time leveling alts in.

Anyways... my two coppers  : )

#5 | 05-07-2010, 15:03

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well i reckon vanilla wow was amazing but Wotlk is alright it is mostly the same i agree but it will be intrsting when cataclysm comes out
#6 | 05-08-2010, 00:57

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cataclysm is going to change everything in so many ways.
i cant wait to be able to fly wherever i want to go in Vanilliaville

#7 | 05-11-2010, 06:30

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 Thanks all for your different opinions, and I hope to hear more! Yes, it will be a huge ease to be able to fly everywhere. I bet they'll lower the level you can start flying as well, since there will probably be some abuse from all the level 80s flying all over the place.
#8 | 07-29-2010, 16:11

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Vanilla was cool, 40man raids weren't really hard to get for my guild, in the end we downed Onyxia, Raggy and then soon after downing the 2nd boss in BWL and 2nd (or something) boss in AQ20, my guild disbanded. Good times... Liked Vanilla PvP too. Liked BC PvP, too. WotLK PvP is fine.
Well in Cataclysm, Desolace will be all green :DDD Kind of nice to see the world change, I am bored of the old world by now.
I, personally, wont return to the original world with my high-level characters, I think. They have Elemental Plane to take care of. I am thinking about leveling a Worgen and then a Goblin, though.
Arialus, you are wrong... Worgens are NOT slaves in SFK. They serve willingly, Arugal is like a father to them, one crazy and sad father.
#9 | 11-09-2010, 16:59

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o.o Worgen backwards *thinks*... damned... haven't known this... is there any Conspiracy going on??? 
#10 | 11-22-2010, 04:49

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 I loved Vanilla but after playing on a vanilla private server recently (I know I know it was to relive the glory days..... that really weren't there) for awhile i realized a couple of things:

1.  Dungeons taking 2 hours although epic, get really annoying really fast.  Dungeon finder is EPIC!
2.  In Vanilla generally there were just 1-3 guilds that were downing end game content and then consequently would demolish everyone in battlegrounds (Some probably feel this is how it should be... not saying its not)
3.  Gear being hard to get is awesome.... but at the same time refer to #2, WotLK i think is a little better for the casual gamer and has some fun implements

Vanilla would be sweet but only if there were some things that we all have gotten used to and love about WotLK that make vanilla just well a drag

#11 | 11-26-2010, 09:48

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Sartalia, I haven't noticed that!!! You have uncovered the conspiracy that is Worgen xD If all their human models will have black skin, I'm gonna laugh.

You're right. WoW right now is going down to the level of an MMORPG for Casual players. And that's really nice. I remember how long and hard were raids before. People have more things to do then play so much, I think. So... Less Time Spent + still interesting ===> More Interest ===> More People ===> ??? ===> Profit!
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